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They wear that mask and fool you. Taurus men are the worst in the zodiac. Very promiscuous and certainly not marriage material. They are wander lust and if you are married or think you are in a committed relationship with a taurus man……well well….

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I speak from experience…….. In life you live and you learn…and I have learnt.

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God is great and I am blessed to no longer be stressed. AlwaysBellaWow… I am the same way. Always giving and feeling empty somuch of my life…. When I realizesd I matter and I must control my future andexpectations, this is when the shift began. My story in short: married for 24yrs and together Unhappy most of those years, yet my commitment , faith and children have kept me in this situation until last summer. I made the decision to leave the place I had lived for so long, so unhappy. My husband kept us there long story. He is not verbally or physically abusive but a passive aggressive and controlling in a whole other way.

I realize that I have to be true to myself, that meanslosing ME!

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So that I am free to be the best mother I can be. This happens by affirmation of my feelings and my needs!

I am praying too, I do believe in God and the Bible and this is part of my problem. I have to ask for forgiveness and hope God understands and sees what is going on in my situation.

You deserve to be happy! Stop it now, tell them you will no longer allow it! Be firm and committed in this and do not I have! It starts with you and respecting yourself, so you command and demand respect!

Taurus Next Week Horoscope

I feel as a taurus being a down to earth person and loving and kind towards others, I find myself getting really frustrated in my home life and with children and with people. Will there ever be hope in sight for me????? I am at my last straw. I would like to see positive change in my life, I have been praying and praying and praying.

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What more can I do???? I feel so empty. The way to figure it out is simple.

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