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What Are Cadent Houses in Astrology??

She sees Astrology as an instrument enabling us to engage fully and move through the seasons and cycles of life without fear, but with awareness and purpose. The intertwining of these facets within each of us, enables profound and insightful comprehension of our own life story.


At any given time, our place in that story has particular meaning, but at times that meaning escapes us. Based in Canada, she travels extensively and serves clients in North America and Europe.

The 5th House

She considers Astrology to be a highly valued tool in her Coaching and Consulting practice, one which she uses with a deeply Mindful Heart. Related Posts. Beyond the Sun Sign. September 24th, 0 Comments.

Ensure You have the Best Astrology Consult. July 10th, 0 Comments. March 19th, 2 Comments. Introduction to Aspects: Soft Aspects and Orbs. March 15th, 0 Comments. Rayology and the Seven Streams of Consciousness. We have spent several dark, warm months during which we became aware of somethings, but then, we were born.

A sudden experience of some consequence!

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Our awareness level and inputs multiply across a wide spectrum. Lets consider the consequences of experiencing just astrological inputs. Two minutes after we are born, the Moon arises over the horizon. The "pull" and flow of feelings and basic body responses that we felt in the womb are now magnified upon our independant body. We need everything, we respond greatly to every feeling and local stimuli -- all of a sudden we are alive in a way we weren't before. Two hours later Mars pops up. Energy, the need to express ourselves and struggle against blankets.

Wake up. We have three diverse inputs I didn't mention we were born late in the afternoon, so the Sun is present ; Mars, just up; Moon, which we are getting used to; and Sun, which seems to be a comforting, stabelizing thing. Then, disaster.

The 2nd House

The Sun disappears. We are subject to needs and bodily functional happenings, everything about us, around us now takes up all our attention. The "comfort" has gone. Panic, confusion. We struggle with our new Mars energy, angry at the things that bother us. Neptune slips into view. We don't notice. But, we find that a quietude seems to grow around us, the inputs of heat, softness, comfort, light, -- they all difuse and we rest. After a couple of sleep periods, Moon disappears and with it the flurry of responses. Jupiter pops up over the horizon, followed by Saturn.

We stop, we start to grasp the idea of touch and feeling in our body, then we doubt the sensations. What is this mixture of energy, feelings? Hours later, Sun comes back. Will it stay? It feels good.

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Moon goes away. We don't feel so paniced now, we rest, we enjoy. As Mars also drops from sight we sleep soundly. So, does the rise, culmination and setting of planets provide some sort of rhythmic cycle that we respond to. Does the shifting Moon rise, almost an hour later each day, change the impact of other planetary influences as we start to get used to "our" cycle as we experience it "at our location"?

Is it this early imprinting that makes our chart "real" and relevant to us as individuals?

If we pick up on these rhythms, what forms the "angles" or highly sensitive areas for us, for our "chart"? Do we recognize the relative time from when we were born relative to the Sun's regular appearance and disappearance? Do we set our personal chart angles based on when a planet rises? That is something to think about.

What would make them important or significant or meaningful. Are houses a result of social or cultural phenomena or are they a "span" of meaning behind the "meanings" given to the angles? Do you have to have a transformation from being "me focused" to recognizing that change is part of life 12th house meaning and that friends and organizational structures 11th house meaning will get me to the 10th house?

Succedent Houses

If this is true, why do the houses go the other way to get to the 10th? Houses one to six are below the horizon or north and describe fields of experience or domains that are more internal, more subjective, relating to the inner life. The 4th house is the very bottom of the chart and symbolizes our roots and foundations on all levels, our depth, our past, the most subjective arena of human experience. Houses seven through twelve the southern hemisphere are above the horizon and describe more objective domains of life or areas that are more visible.

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The ninth house in astrology rules your long term goals in life, long distance travels and matters related to religion and philosophy. The house where you struggle to survive and be willing to entrust your life to the hands of others. Furthermore, some make a connection of the eighth house with sex—probably from a hypothetical connection to Scorpio by "natural houses. Astrology from Jamie Partridge with horoscope decans for accurate forecasts. It also rules international travel rather than local travel. In this way, the second house, for example, which succeeds the first house of the body and personality, tends to signify the things that belong to the person.

The 10th house is the very top of the chart, what we look up to, what we can manifest visibly in our lives, how we can contribute to our world. The meridian line divides the chart into east oriental on the left and west occidental on the right. The eastern hemisphere contains houses ten through three, and we have an initiating quality of sowing seeds in these arenas of life.

The 1st-house cusp is where we enter life at the moment and place of birth. The western half of the chart points to the 7th-house cusp where we meet others. The western hemisphere contains houses four through nine and represents reaping energy, which is experienced through our interactions with others. By combining horizon and meridian, the chart is divided into four quadrants. The first quadrant is composed of houses 1, 2, and 3, where the subjectivity of the lower hemisphere meets the self-motivation of the east.

These are the most personal houses in which we develop ourselves in very basic ways. The second quadrant is composed of houses 4, 5, and 6, where we deepen ourselves and begin to share ourselves through creative expression and work. Houses 7, 8, and 9 comprise the third quadrant, where we meet others as equals and intimates and develop an expanded view of life. The fourth quadrant houses 10, 11 and 12 is the most universal and holds the broadest themes in life — we begin to contribute to the world and serve the greater whole.

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Within the 12 houses there are four angular, four succedent, and four cadent houses. The angular houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 are those placed near the angles of the chart and relate to the cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The Ascendant is the cusp of the 1st house, the IC the cusp of the 4th, the Descendant the cusp of the 7th, and the Midheaven the cusp of the 10th.

These houses are not only visually prominent when looking at a chart, but also have a vast influence in the life, as if the door of cosmic influence to and from the individual is wider at these points. The angular houses relate to fundamental areas in the life of the individual e.

Where are my roots and how can I accomplish my life's purpose? There is an outgoing, initiating energy in the angular houses. The succedent houses follow the angular houses.